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Let’s face it, dealers have a lot of choices when selecting which marketing company is going to help them hit their monthly targets. We believe that whichever company you choose should be treating the opportunity with top notch service, professionalism and commitment. Frankly, at Automotive8 we do things a bit differently, and we feel that the things that make us different, make us better.

So what can we do for your company?
The answer is everything…

Tailored marketing plans that maximize your returns

…or next to nothing. It depends on what you NEED. We work with dealers that are looking for a turnkey solution to their marketing. We start with their data, we analyze it, and then tailor a marketing plan that maximizes returns from it.

We do full database cleansing, normalization, deduplication; we do print design, digital design, phone scripts, phone calls and end with amazing in-store staffing. Some stores already have internal marketing, and just need a few of our services to round out a successful campaign – we can help them too!

We are a group of highly motivated women who are passionate about helping our customers succeed and we make sure that we live up to our promises.

Grow faster by building stronger relationships
and make the most of every opportunity.

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